Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Journey Of An Aesthete is here!

photo by my producer Laurie Jill Strickland

This post is the official announcement of my new podcast: Journey Of An Aesthete. Since there is a lot of me talking on the first episode I will keep my comments brief.

The perspective of my podcast is of all the arts and letters, what can be called the humanities more generally and above all, what it is to make something and the nature of the creative act. I hope to cover a lot of disciplines and medium, but usually from the creator's perspective. I believe this perspective is lacking today since usually there is a suspicious, interrogative tone to much writing on the arts today and I hope in however small a way to counteract this. Not that there won't be critics on my show, (and, of course, writers of non-fiction more generally) but this will be to look at criticism itself as a form of creation.

Here is a link to the first episode. It is available on Breaker, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, Spotify, and Stitcher

I should give special thanks to the fine folks at Anchor.Fm since they have invented a simple way to create a podcast like this one and for a minimum of technological hurdles, perfect for a semi-luddite and digital immigrant like myself. Laurie Jill Strickland is the producer/show creator without whom none of this would be even possible.

The first episode is appropriately titled Because, After All, One Must Begin...

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